the dental manual

Therapeutic suggestions to restore health to your body

Why, How, And What You Need To Do To Solve Various Aches And Pains

The number of dental professionals suffering from various musculoskeletal pain and disorders has always been high and it is only getting worse.

Various research has shown that upwards of 63-93% of dental professionals deal with musculoskeletal pain and disorders at any given time, and one third will retire early due to disability from the various musculoskeletal disorders that develop.

The Dental Manual will provide dental professionals, from general dentists, to dental assistants, to hygienists, as well as specialty dental professionals such as endodontists and periodontists the answers to WHY these various aches and pains develop, HOW they develop and most importantly WHAT you need to do.

Whether you suffer from low back pain, neck pain, shoulder and hand/wrist pain or more severe neruopathies, radiculopathies and arthritic changes, The Dental Manual will guide you with the right exercises and therapeutic suggestions to being to restore health to your body.

Videos will accompany The Dental Manual to ensure proper execution along with several specific guided exercise programs for different stages of recovery.

To purchase your Dental Manual pay below through paypal or call into the clinic with credit card info.

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