Movement Assessment & Palpation (MAP) Course

Advanced Assessment and Palpation skills

19 hours of hands on course teaching

The Movement Assessment & Palpation course is designed to help increase your capacity to assess movement capacity within your patients and provide you with clarity in diagnosis and direction in treatment.

The course provides:

  1. Foundational knowledge of movement and development of abnormal movement patterns within the body
  2. Advanced movement assessment strategies including integrative assessments: gait analysis, squat analysis, pushup analysis, as well as neuromotor testing, articular assessment
  3. Palpation of key anatomical structures including peripheral nerve branches and superficial fascial planes
  4. Guideline for treatment 
  5. Differential list based on symptomology and assessment  

The art of palpation can provide fine details in the dysfunction in the body. While in the course you will learn highly specific palpation skills of peripheral nerves and the importance of assessment those peripheral nerves through palpation. As well, decipher minute changes in fascial tension and their contribution to movement dysfunction.

Along with mastering your palpation skills and haptic perception (ability to discern information from tissues during movement), you will learn neuro-motor examination to clarify neuro-motor deficits, which research has shown is present before injury manifests.

Along with palpation and neuro-motor assessment strategies, time will be devoted to enhance your skill in deciphering information from gait analysis, squat analysis, pushup and other upper body integrated body movements.

Finally, time will be devoted to appreciate articular function, in particular the accessory motions about a joint and its contributions to the manifestation of injury.

Not always do our assessments take us down the road that we need to go, having a good differential list will allow us to re route our plan of action with ease and save us the possible confusion.

The course will utilize video cadaver analysis for clarity in anatomical relationships in the body.

Your ability to learn the information presented effectively is important, therefore this very hands on course is limited to 8 people to allow for as much 1 on 1 interaction with me as possible.

The course runs Friday 6-9pm and Saturday & Sunday from 9-5pm.

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** Cancellations 14 days or earlier of the course date registered for, NO refund will be provided. However, withdrawal from a course you have registered for greater than 14 days of the course start date a refund will be given minus $100 processing fee.


  • "This course provided an awesome approach to functional assessment and treatment options - would recommend it to anyone looking to further their understanding of the body" DC (ON)

  • "Great seminar! Changed my perspective on manual assessment and how to approach dysfunctions" PT (ON)

  • "I've been using acupuncture for a few years with my patients, but it is the first time I actually feel confident about where and how to use my acupuncture needles after this neuro-functionally based course" DC (ON)

  • "This course fills a lot of gaps in terms of significance of many assessment findings and how to treat based on these findings" DC (ON)

  • "This course changed my thinking for the better" DC (ON)

  • "Dr. Zaerian's knowledge of the subject matter is exceptional, and his ability to communicate and effectively demonstrate makes for an amazing learning experience" PT (ON)