Performance Care Program

For Athletes At All Levels

Regular Assessments For High Level Performance

Whether you are an athlete competing at high levels or an athlete trying to better your performance from yesterday in your chosen activity care is required to attain and maintain elite levels of performance.

The Performance Care program will allow for your body to enter into Pit Lane and have your body semi-regularly assessed for the loss of functional capacity that is inevitable through activity, and those functional deficits addressed so that your body is always functioning at its highest capacity.

If you are a soccer player and kick a soccer ball upwards of 500 times in a given week, you develop imbalances within your body due to the repetitive action of certain given muscles. Or you may have picked up minor injuries that weren’t enough to keep you off the field, but enough to have your body change its ideal muscle recruitment pattern. The inevitability of this is increased wear and tear on certain joints and muscles and reduced ability culminating in loss of performance and worse injury that keeps you off the playing field.

Your answer to this dilemma is the Performance Care program. You will sit down with Dr. Zaerian and assess frequency of visits, type of care required and pre-habilitative exercises to be done on your part to prevent loss of performance and reduce the risk of injury. Leading to progressive growth in performance and effectiveness in movement.

This program is not just for elite athletes, but for all those who are committed to the health and full performance of their body. If you are an avid runner, you invariably will develop muscle imbalances, poor recruitment patterns and loss of joint functioning during the many hours partaking in repetitive activities in your daily work. The eventually is as you increase the load in your running your body will fail to compensate for the current imbalances and loss of functioning and an injury will arise. The Performance Care program is designed to address the inevitable loss of optimal performance in your body to prevent the occurrence of the injuries and more importantly allow your body to improve to high levels.