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How Do We Help?

Each sport comes with specific demands on the body. Your effectiveness to maintain or reach a high level of performance in any sport or activity requires the ability of your body to meet and exceed those demands.

The Sports Performance Program is designed to protect and restore your ability to adapt specifically to your sports performance requirements. This begins with assessing and distinguishing where your body’s adaptive capacity has diminished and thus put a ceiling to your athletic capacity.

Than we will work with you to improve your body’s ability to respond to your sports specific high-speed and repetitive movements and in doing so minimizing any impact on your body’s soft tissues. The end result is precision in your nervous system and the capacity for your body to move easier, faster and more powerfully.


Through a comprehensive functional and orthopaedic assessment, we gather a complete picture of ALL of the involved structures and barriers to your recovery.


Your pain may be similar to that of someone else, but each individual case is unique. Rehabilitation begins with an accurate diagnosis of the presenting injury pain/problem.


From there we utilize a multi-pronged approach to address all contributing components for a fast recovery and complete recovery, while also lowering and the risk of re-occurrence.

Initial Visit / Assessment

A complete assessment will take place looking at your chief complaint as well as overall body functioning to distinguish and diagnose the source of the problem.

This generally takes an hour and a half and involves a comprehensive history, various movement screens and orthopaedic and functional tests to diagnose and propose a plan of management for treatment. This will also include an initial treatment.

Treatment Session

A 60 minute session involving various modalities to address and care for the condition diagnosed. This can include any or all of Electro-acupuncture, myofascial release, chiropractic adjustment, movement therapies, neuromuscular development and strengthening.


Who We've Helped

  • Being a member of Team Canada since 2009, I have been lucky to have been exposed to many great physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and doctors. But non quite like Dr. Z. I first met him and dared him to see what he can do. Within 10 minutes of treatment I had reduced pain, increased range of motion and improved strength. That’s why when I recently tore my ACL and underwent knee surgery, he was who I sought to get care from. Many times I thought I won’t be able to return to gymnastics, but I constantly left our treatments being encouraged emotionally, stronger physically and further along than anticipated or expected. What I love most about Mahmoud is his committed to excellence and making patients like me feel better, mentally and physically. His knowledge and drive makes him one of the best sports rehab specialists I have had the privilege of working with, and someone I would call a friend!

    Kevin Lytwyn Pan Am Silver Medalist in (high bar), Commonwealth Games Silver medalist (rings), Bronze (high bar). Team Canada National Gymnast
  • With the wisdom and expertise of Dr. Mahmoud, I have been able to train and compete in elite gymnastics in a physically healthier state. I have been a patient of Dr. Mahmoud's for over a year now, and I have seen tremendous improvements with the functioning of my surgically repaired shoulder and ankle, as well as my recovery time. His passion for athletics and his promotion of wellness  are evident in every appointment I have with him.  His unique connection to athletes throughout treatment is an integral part of the healing process and the athletes’ overall well being. I am very happy to be a part of his innovative and creative techniques!

    Gabriella Douglas Michigan State University gymnast, former Team Canada National Team member and National Champion on Floor
  • I am not usually the one who writes a lot of testimonials but decided that if just one person reads this and gives Mahmoud a try, then I have done my good deed for the day. I have battled a bad shoulder and lower back for years and was convinced that it was something I would just have to live with. My family doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories and physio, but at best it maybe gave me some temporary relief. After a handful of Mahmoud’s treatments and an exercise program to follow, the improvement has been as surprising as it is welcomed. I am not an expert on what he does but I can see that he really knows his stuff and all the latest treatments related to his field. I am lucky to have found a good one to allow me to do the things I love!

    Allan Grant Owner of Dodds Doors

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