What Is So Special About Vitamin D?

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Vitamin D has recently gained a lot of popularity as its effects and actions have come better known and researched.  One think you should know is there are different forms of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is the active form. There are many precursors to active vitamin D that are produced by a series of reactions in the body. Sunlight is commonly referred to as important where vitamin D is concerned because it is required in one of the activation reactions. Supplements with Vitamin D3 are ideal because your body does not have to do any work for activation!!

What Does Vitamin D Do?

It promotes the absorption of calcium from the digestive system which is important for maintaining calcium levels in the body. Normal calcium levels help to maintain healthy bones!  It is needed for special cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts which build and break down bones.

This process of building, breaking down, and remodeling bones maintains bone strength, shape and overall health. As well it improving neuromuscular and immune function. There are not many natural dietary sources of vitamin D. The main sources are actually foods that have been fortified with vitamin D. All Canadian milk is fortified but at levels of 30-40 IU/cup (daily requirement is 600 IU).

Other great sources include fatty fish, cheese and egg yolks. Requirements are higher during the winter months due to the little sunshine. The best way to make sure you are getting sufficient amounts is through supplementation.

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Of note, Vitamin D can be taken best with calcium and magnesium to enhance effects.

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